Continuing training

Unique and innovative training.


Multicultural communication


-To promote openness and teamwork;

-Understanding of cultural differences within the company.


Preserve their physical and psychological integrity at work


-The promotion and prevention of mental health in the workplace can reduce significant costs;

-To reduce burnout;

-To reduce cases of violence and harassment at work.

Dealing with a person with disturbing or difficult behavior

- Judicious use of communication techniques in order to:

  • clarify the situation and the issues;

  • decrease the voltage level.

Receive comments or complaints


-Clarification of the subject of the comment or complaint;

-Quality of listening;

-Respect for confidentiality of information;

- Routing to the people concerned, if applicable.


Leadership and teamwork

-Personal style of communication and leadership;

-The “win-win” concept;

-Leadership and behaviors adapted to mobilize the work team;

-Leadership of influence;

-Transformational leadership;

-Shared leadership.

Conflict management

-Tools for the prevention of conflicts at work;

-Stress management ;

-Search for a consensual solution.

English / French conversation

-Oral communication;

-Written communication.

Training for trainers (remote)

-Theories of learning;

-Effective facilitator;

-The principles of communication;

-The transfer of learning;

-Preparation of training.

Animation training

-Your animation style;

-Emotional intelligence ;

-The different tools;

-How to finalize a meeting.

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