What sets us apart?


We promote the conditions necessary for learning.


Without these conditions, there is no learning possible!

Our services


We master all aspects of communication: from the development of communication activities to the development of skills.


We are recognized for our expertise in education and communication. By combining didactics, andragogy and intervention, we enable individuals to develop essential skills that help them increase their productivity and performance at work. Over the years, we have implemented personalized and innovative learning strategies.




Communic-option relies on a multidisciplinary team in communication, intervention, visual arts and teaching, anxious to offer you exceptional quality and rigor.


For who?


We are aimed at all public or parastatal organizations and individuals who wish to develop communication skills in a career management context.


Educational communication


Educational communication brings together human and organizational communication. It includes 3 axes: intervention, support and training. It can meet the needs of individuals as well as businesses. The objective of educational communication is to impart knowledge and skills that will improve any situation in the workplace.

Co-development of training


We support you in the development of your training. We intervene at every stage of the creation to help you achieve all your goals.


Development of communication activities

We provide you with a range of educational and personalized resources:

-Icebreaker activities

- Scenarios

-Cooperative games

-E-learning capsules

-Quizzes (quizzes)

-Group workshops


Adult education


Personal, social and professional development is at the heart of training actions. We offer a process in small groups or individually, by videoconference or face-to-face, if necessary, to learn how to mobilize your resources.


  • The organization of learning

  • Career prospects

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Persuasive communication

  • Speak in front of an audience

  • Socio-professional reintegration

  • Managing a work team



To achieve your career, personal or professional development objective ... To mobilize your human resources

To target goals!





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